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Wild food stem cell support in a bottle.
Did you know we have our own stem cell system in our body that renews and repairs?

Repair and Renew

Stem cells are master cells that replace our old and worn cells. They circulate in your body through the blood system and migrate to needed areas in the fine capilaries. Heart, pancreas, knee, brain, skin etc all need new cells through the years to stay healthy and strong. The problem comes when after the age of about 30 our body slows down the release of stem cells due to poor diet, environmental toxins, stress etc.

We can boost our own release of stem cells through diet with Stem Enhance Ultra. Clinical studies have show that 30 minutes after taking two capfuls of Stem Enhance Ultra you have 50% more stem cells circulating in you body. Giving you the support you need to renew and repair. StemEnhance Ultra comes from wild condensed botanicals that grow in the nutrient rich ecosystem of southern Oregon.


Another factor in stem cell health is inflammation. When we have too much chronic inflammation it can get in the way of stem cells finding their way to the needed areas. It is like a fog that makes navigation of the stem cells difficult.  Our second product Cyactive helps the body calm inflammation so that stem cells can get to the needed areas and do what they were meant to do renew and repair


Another factor that affects the stem cells from getting to where they need to go is fibrin mesh that clogs the blood vessels. This build up acts like a filter so that oxygen and stem cells can not get to the needed areas. Our third product  PlasmaFlo clears the fibrin mesh and helps the stem cells get to the needed areas for repair.

Increase mental clarity and elevate mood. StemEnhance Ultra also contains natural PEA also know as Phenylethylamine. PEA activity is found to be reduced in the brains of depressed people and replenishing low PEA levels relieves depression in significant number of people. In one study PEA was shown to relieve depression in 60% of depressed patients.

I started taking Cerule products myself and experienced such dramatic results that when my 12 ½ year old Ridgeback couldn’t jump into our SUV anymore, I decided to start giving her daily doses of StemEnhance and Cyactiv. After about a week of giving them to her, I noticed that she was more energetic, had more stamina and was initiating play sessions with our younger dog which she hadn’t done in many months. Within two weeks, she was able to jump into the SUV again, was bounding up and down the stairs and running in spurts on our walks. The raspy breathing noise she would make while sleeping has practically disappeared and her coat is darker and shinier.

StemEnhance and Cyactiv are giving my dog a new lease on life. While I realize she won’t live forever, I believe the time she does have left has been made much better because of these products.

Tara O’Riley

My name is Kathy O’Connor, DC. I’ve been in practice in Petaluma, California since 1995.

Nutrition is a key component in the healing and preventive process and I always make sure I’m on the cutting edge of what’s new and most importantly what’s effective and safe.

I’m very happy to have Cerule products, especially StemEnhance Ultra and PlasmFlo, available in my office.  My patients continue to report amazing results.

Here are just a couple of examples, with the names changed for privacy.

Annie, who actually started Cerule products for her heart, was destined for surgery because of intense knee pain. After just one month taking these products, her knee pain was gone and surgery was cancelled.

Josh, an older patient who was becoming increasingly frail and unable to move as much as he wanted and should be able to, showed dramatic improvement after just 2 weeks taking the Cerule products. He is now able to move more easily, which of course helps his body feel even better.  He also reported that the lightheadedness he was experiencing which also impeded his ability to move about easily, disappeared and he now has a healthy glow back in his face.

Many patients tell me that they are feeling happier and wonder if the products play a part in this shift. There is naturally occurring PEA in the   StemEnance Ultra and studies have shown that PEA does, in fact, improve mental and emotional balance. Our brains produce PEA, also known as phenethylamine, a natural substance that regulates mood.


I’m very impressed with these products and am grateful that they are available to me and my patients.


Kathy O’Connor, DC

This product is an absolute godsend. I was diagnosed 12 years ago at the age of 24 with dual diagnosis, Chemical dependency, and bipolar. I've been on so many medications and nothing worked. I had sleepless nights racing thoughts, emotional issues going up and down, it's hard to maintain a day-to-day composure. Since taking the supplements Stem Enhance, Cyactive and PlasmaFlo, I found myself to be calmer, able to fall asleep regularly, more focused and aware. Not to mention that I was able to stop smoking cigarettes too. I feel a lot of my normal stresses fading away and feel more together than normal, which is all I ever wanted.

Liko Hussey